Different Types of Hemlines

Floor Length Hemline

This one, I think, is fairly obvious.  This hemline falls just above the floor, and is one of the longer hems in the range of practical cuts.  By that I mean unless you’re getting married, chances are you don’t want to wear a dress that is dragging on the floor all day.

Ballet Hemline

This is the next highest, and should brush the ankles when fit properly.  We’re not talking a big difference from the floor length, but depending on the dress it can make or break the design.  Used improperly, it will make the dress look like it doesn’t fit rather than enhance the overall silhouette.

Ballerina Hemline

Sounds familiar, does it not?  This cut should clear the ankles so the dress hangs above the ankle but bellow the calf.  As you can see, it’s very difficult to classify hemlines unless they are cut properly.  A Ballerina hem may be a ballet hem on someone who is 2″ shorter.

Tea Length Hemline

Starting to differentiate a little more, this cut falls at mid calf, and you’ll find it in a multitude of dresses from cocktail to wedding.  Depending on the cut of the dress, it will draw attention to the calf and ankles, so be aware of your strong points.

Bellow and Above Knee Hemlines

These are simple used to describe hems that are either too high to be tea length or too low to be mini length.  The differentiater is whether or not the knee is showing.  Quite simple.

Mini Hemline

And we land last, of course, to the blight of all hemlines, the mini.  Used properly it can lend an amazing dimension to a dress.  Unfortunately, it is most often used improperly and ends up making the wearer look trashy.


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